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Packaging, Dispatching & Warranty


What is hidden beneath the surface of sword made by professional swordsmiths in Swordmakery ElGur?
From making sword´s design over hand forging & grinding the material to final polishing we keep an eye the final properties & behaviour the blade and the sword itself.

This challenging process for producing the precision is a guarantee of quality and mechanics of the weapon. Sword quality is a prerequisite for quality fencing.
You fencers know this from experience that the sword fits your hand, it is quick to check, at the exact point it is perfectly manageable and overall is a good feeling when fencing. Such are the requirements for each fencer sword. And we are professional blacksmiths, we can deliver these features.
What's more, we offer professionals the opportunity these features, taken from original research, swords, modify.
This is no problem for us, we do manual production in the form of ancient techniques.


Shots of quality control making could be seen here: Facebook Swordmakery ElGur
Center of Percusion (CoP) - the sweet spot, Pivot points, Center of Gravity (CoG) - point of balance

More details of the qualities the blades and swords you can see at the research Peter Johnsson, bladesmiths/fencers forums, Artic fire, Dimicator, Matt Easton video collections etc. Thank you very much all researchers and sharing the information!


   We preserve the replica with oil and wrap into the foil to protect it from the corrosion. We pack it into the box with polystyrene (PVC) cut into the shape of the weapon to prevent any movement into the box while transporting. If you are interest we offer you wooden box. It cast about 40 €
   Now the weapon is ready to dispatch to you.

Amaterial defect

   Since 2004 only 5 replicas have returned back with the material defect. These weapons were repaired in their regular warranty time.

Warranty, service, regrinding

   There is two years guarantee on ElGur´s products.

   We provide service to all our weapons following the production. From the most often demands can be mentioned stretching the new leather on the hilt and polishing the blades.

Sample special packaging in PVC swords against damage during transport
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