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We are professional swordsmiths and scabbard makers. We would like to create you the personal sword and scabbard.


Please choose the sword&scabbard of the catalogue our work or send own design to us.

According you wish a type we offer you customize the replica according to your needs. Our mission is you are the most satisfied.

Send the order with follow/necessery details by email ElGur@sword-elgur.com


We are looking forward to collaborate with you

Jan & Josef


PS: Mind the laws of your country please. For example: Shipping a sword to Denmark (an other specific countries) require copy collector´s permition before sword leave



Custom´s sword order:


As subject please enter: Order of sword with scabbard (example) C0007 / U006

As text please enter:

  • Catalogue number: C0007 or if you wish to order a product of replica or custom´s sword/scabbard design, send us its outline, drawing, picture of original with detail measurement description or in typology/clasification Oakeshott, Peterson, Wheeler, Geibig, Behmer (blade, crossguard, grip, pommel / guards, decoration)
  • Type of blade: sharp or battleready (2 mm along the blade)
  • If you are an expert and ask the special : please attach the center of percussion/the sweet spot or pivot points, nodes on the sword you wish
  • Center of balance(CoG): 8 cm in front of crossguard
  • Length of grip one handed sword: 11,3 cm / 4,44" (we make standard length 10,5 cm / 4,13")
  • Circumference (thumb and forefinger) of the grip at the crossguard for the comfort of holding: 7 cm (if you can not measure it: larger, middle or smaller hand)
  • Colour of leather: (we produce standard in three colors) dark brown, chestnut or black
  • If you would like decorating swords attach pictures in good quality and description details. The pictures are fine. In inscriptions we ask you the font too.


  • Means of delivery: Czech post to all world by plane or personal collection
  • Your personal information
  1. Full name
  2. Address for invoice and delivery
  3. Phone number


      Scabbard / sheat:


      As subject please enter: Order scabbard / sheat

      As text please enter:

      • Catalogue number: (example) U006
      • Type of scabbard / sheat: wood-core cover by leather
      • Type of chape:own or our proposal
      • Type of locket:own or our proposal
      • Leather colour: dark brown, chestnut or black
      • Type: for left-handed or right-handed
      • Perimetr of waist: for example 98cm / 38,5"
      • How much holes do you want? Standard seven
      • Total lenght of belt with and without buckle+beltend
      • Width of belt: for example 3 cm / 1,18" (we make a standard  3,5 cm / 1,38")
      • Use buckle(s) and strapend/beltend: do you have own or we should use ours?
      • Decoration on the belt and used material (silver, brass...)
      • Position decorations at the belt (picture to image is fine)
      • Decoration of leather: If you wish to do your own design, send us its outline, drawing or picture of original etc.
      • Everythink else is needed


          • With special details we need to do order
          • With details of price and the way of paying (cash on the account number or personal collection):
          1. Our EUR bank account for customers paing by Euro: IBAN: CZ1120100000002301167751 , SWIFT/BIC: FIOBCZPPXXX

          2. Our bank account for Other countries: IBAN: CZ7420100000002101167749 , SWIFT/BIC: FIOBCZPPXXX

          We recommend to use TransferWise. It is free bank transfer https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TransferWise

          • 50% of price is paying before making the sword/scabbard/quiver etc., at the start of order
          • Authentic electronic order arises paying


            • As soon as your money are received by ElGur
            • We add you under the Special symbol which will given to you (for example 20110204) to the waiting list. Waiting time for product on commission is about 180 working days and should be changed (sick days, vacation...)

            when goods are produces

            • We confirm your product(s) has been shipped to you
            • Time for sending product in stock is about 5 days (depend on post and customs office etc.)
            • Abroad: Czech Post 14 days in EU by plane. Out of EU depent on customs office etc. Practical 30 days. For example to USA it is about 5 days by plane
            • You can track your shipment on the website of the Czech post here ...
            • Mind the laws of your country please. For example: Shipping a sword to Denmark (an other specific countries) require copy collector´s permition before sword leave ElGur
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