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Scabbard with woodcore

Cat. number: U006  
Period: 15th-16th century
Place of discovery:
Original can be found:
Description: - scabbard with brass bucles
- the core of sheat is made of wood
- the core is made of suitable wood
- core is reinforced by cloth
- made fit for blade/sword
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Handmade sheath made by ancient technology with three-point hitch & belting.
The base is light and solid wood "alder". The core is hand dugout and manually making. The substance/linen is applied to the core and the entire core is reinforced.
If you wish we are able litter the core by sheep wool inside.
Subsequently, the body is covered with leather. This is madder doublepigments colors. Leather is hand-sewn with flax-cross, visually effective, back stitching.
Belts straps are stored in the "beds". There are the protrusions, which are formed under beneth. It creates the aesthetics of the scabbard with.
Scabbard, belts straps are HAND MADE without fingerprints or bruises on the skin is obliterated edge and generally clean, with focus visual effect result.
The buckles are handmade, by technology cast in wax. They are created according to the original findings.

We create the custom´s scabbard fit the sword, like in the past!

You can customize your scabbard: buckles, color, waist length, etc. (details in Custom´s sword order)
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