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One handed custom´s sword Oakeshott XV,2,K

Cat. number: MG015  
Period: 1350-1400
Place of discovery: Probably France, river
Original can be found: Wallace collection, European Armoury I

- double edged blade blunt 1 mm along
- overall length 86 cm
- blade lenght 70 cm
- blade width 5,7 cm
- crossguard Oakeshott type 2 specified

- pommel Oakeshott type K

- point of balance (CoG) 4 cm
- formed wooden grip covered with leather
- weigth (edge blade 1mm) 1,2 kg

Type: Oakeshott XV
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Given its date, it may well have been carried into battle during the Hundred Years War between England and France, which began shortly before the famous Battle of Crécy in 1346.
Based on original sword of Wallace collection, European Armoury I. Used little nuances of original sword.

Original:Strong likelihood that it was found in France, perhaps that it was a river find deu to corrosion pattern on the blade

Books sources:
Duffy, Stephen et al., The Wallace Collection, London: Scala Publishers Ltd. 2011
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Original sword could be seen here: Pictures

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