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One handed custom´s sword - Oakeshott X,1,A

Cat. number: MR001   Replica Oakeshott X,3,A Swordmakery ElGur
Period: End of Viking age to 12th century
Place of discovery: Unknow
Original can be found: Landesmuseum. Zurich (no.16203)

- double edged blunt blade
- overall length 93 cm
- blade lenght 76 cm
- blade width 4,9 cm
- blade thickness 6 mm
- point of balance (CoG) 8 cm
- center of percussion (CoP) 52 cm
- pivot point 76 cm
- crossguard Oakeshott type 1
- pommel type A
- wooden grip covered with leather
- weigth 1,3 kg (blunt)

Type: Oakeshott X
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This hand forged archetypal sword could be the pride knightley owner, around the time of the First Crusade.

The sword is based the originals from literature Ewart Oakeshott "Records of the Medieval Sword"
and follow originals:

Oakeshott X can also be viewed as a transitional type, falling between Viking era swords (Wheeler Types I-IX) and true medieval swords. It retains many of the characteristics of its progenitors such as its blade profile and lenticular cross-section. It shows development towards new cross and pommel types that would be favored through the rest of the medieval period. The blade is typically broad and flat and tapers gently to an often nearly rounded point.

One of the simplest forms, this cross is simply a straight bar of metal which is tapered towards the ends. This is the famous "Gaddhjalt" (spike hilt) form which was in constant use from the Viking era through the 17th century.

Handle / grip
The handle is made anatomical of dry beech wood, strenghtened by linen. Fit the measurement of customer hand. Made for comfortable grip with two rings beneth. Surface is made of double pigment´s dark brown leather.

Brazil-nut form. Type A is a development of the earlier Viking pommel forms. It is often very wide; as much as 10 cm across.

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You can customize your sword´s: handle, color, etc. (details in Custom´s sword order)
Replica Oakeshott X,3,A Swordmakery ElGur
Replica Oakeshott X,3,A Swordmakery ElGur
Replica Oakeshott X,3,A Swordmakery ElGur
Replica Oakeshott X,3,A Swordmakery ElGur
Replica Oakeshott X,3,A Swordmakery ElGur
David R., Czech Republic
"Sword is one word FANTASTIC! And I mean it, I was with him very much satisfied. It looks modestly and it is seen that this is really a masterpiece.
It is processed every part beautifully, blade wide and nicely polished, amazing shape. Hilt is great, handle superbly crafted, pommel does not interfere even if the seeding of the wrist, as with other swords of this type, which I fencing. But the best is getting up now!
Balance. Absolutely perfect! I did not expect it to be so good. When I take a sword in your hand, so I feel that I have control over the entire blade from the pommel to the tip. The blade is fine maneuverable throughout cut / poin It does not float. Due to balancing and weight of the sword for my purposes perfectly suitable.
I'm really glad that I chose you, and that, moreover, this worked perfectly.So once again, thanks! You have probably created a regular customer :)"

Petr B., Czech Republic
"When I was looking for a roman sword replacement after my 6-years old sword got stolen, I turned to ElGur duo again after positive experience with my previous order (of different sword). Specification was simple, brazil-nut sword but with very fast delivery, as I had to yet work out wooden sheath that shall fit to the sword. Considering my second half of 11th century preference, I went for an inspiration by less known sword today at Higgins Armory Museum, USA, with accession number 2036.1. Purchased from private source in 1934, it originates likely in what is Germany nowadays and contemporary dating is about 1050-1150 A.D.
From typology perspective, blade can be described as Geibig Type 5; according to Oakeshott, it can be classified as Type Xa blade, Type A pommel and Style 1 cross.
Due to time pressure, I choose the one from ready-made blades available then at ElGur stock, therefore my sword’s blade is not matching the original one perfectly (if nothing, at least it is bit shorter and the inlays are missing). However, the main parametres such as blade proportions, width at crossguard and central fuller were to my satisfaction. ElGur work included making pommel, crossguard, tang and overall completion. I don’t pay to balancing too much attention as period usage was barely using fine techniques; however, my sword is balanced well for me.
I received the sword in quality package and in a final finish; I had to change nothing."
Further reference:

David V., Czech Republic:
„Hello, I've just received the sword made by you and... it's just BRILLIANT! It looks wonderful, much better than the original. Although your sword is long and wide and looks really massive, it is well-balanced and extremely light. I'm really amazed. It's a gorgeous weapon; I've seen just a few great swords like yours and they were always much more expensive. I like it so much and can't wait to see it in action. My cousin's had a one-and-half-handed sword from your company for about 4 years and can't say a word against it. His is definitely a well-produced sword but compared to mine, though, I have to say that mine is even better as for both its qualities and appearance. Rarely can you see a sword so close to the original. Thank you very much for your good work."
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