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International Symposium of the Axe ‘n Sea

Jan "Red Gur" Motyčka (headmaster of swordmakery ElGur)

International Symposium of the Axe ‘n Seax


   I took part in the syposium. That symposium „International Symposium of the Axe ‘n Seax" was organized by Owen Bush. We started our visit in the British museum. There was a great exhibition Vikings life and legend (http://www.britishmuseum.org/). There are many beatiful pieces and it is hard to walk away.
    Then we continued at Owen´s. A lot of experts from all over the world had many interesting lectures and practical samples. http://owenbush.co.uk/2014-international-symposium-of-the-axe-n-seax/
Three days were full of information, interesting people and good mood.
    I thank to Owen that he organised such as briliant symposium and to all instructores which shared their knowledge with us.
    I attach a few photos from the symposium. They describes an unforgettable atmosphere. More at

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