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Instructions for leather goods care

Michal Kuzník, the major head of leather department, ElGur company,recommends: "Regular care of leather goods, such as quiver, bracers, etc.will maintain their functinality, their beauty and prolongs their service life."

What is not considered a defect of the leather:

  • Scratches, intergrowth, scars or wrinkles
  • Ingrown traces of insect bites, horn scratches
  • Natural folding in larger smooth sections
  • Hue differences in leather colour
  • Aging, shine, smoothness, and patina


The new product (quiver, bracers, etc.)requires careful handling, it must be protected from wet, cold or hotenvironment, from staining, soaking and mechanical damage. While using the newproduct (quiver, bracers, etc.), pay extra attention to those parts which can beeasily scratched and other parts from a different material (e.g. buckles,shellac parts and others) otherwise you may lose your warranty.

To maintain the product's quality and appearance please comply with the followingrules:

  • Respect the load capacity. The content weight must correspond to the product type and material strength
  • Do not use chemical dissolvents (such as petrol or acetone) to dispose of dirt
  • Keep the product away from long-term exposure to direct light; its colour may be affected
  • Keep away form moisture. A wet product may be air-dried while e.g. hanging at room temperature. Let wet stains dry out. The product must not be dried in the sun or heat sources like fire.
  • Keep away from heat and frost
  • Regularly dispose of any dirt with a dry or slightly damp cloth and let dry out naturally. Then, conserve the product with specially intended leather-care products, taking the material qualities, decorative parts and components into consideration
  • Some parts of the product may be covered with a special product "Shellac" (shiny surface) which is highly sensitive to any solvents including alcohol. Therefore, such areas should be cleaned only with a dry cloth. In the course of time, Shellac will become older and matted, which is its normal feature.
  • In case the product (quiver, bracer, etc.) needs to be stored for a longer time, you should do so in an aired box. While storing, our products require sufficient place so that their shape does not suffer.
  • If the product (quiver, bracer, etc.) is not in use, try to keep its shape (by eg. Carefully filling it with soft paper)
  • Do not wash or iron the leather product
  • Use only guaranteed products according to the product features for maintenance. We recommend our leather cleaning kit ​​by ElGur

Leatherproducts may be used only under professional supervision. Keep away fromchildren.

   Our leather products are not to be usedinappropriately (throwing, liquid- or other material filling, as a mat, etc.)

  Dispose of the packaging according to theregulations, not asmunicipal waste.


                               ElGurcompany would like to thank you and wish you wonderful experiences...

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