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Instructions for care of cold weapons replicas

   Jan Motyčka, the head swordsmith of ElGur company, recommends: “The new sword, dussack, paratschwert etc. requires careful handling. The first few hours fence carefully along the balde. You create a layer of cold forged on blade of sword. Take extra care when using the sword. Regular care of replicas will maintain the beauty and prolongs their service life.

    What is not considered a defect:

  • Natural material wrinkling after production
  • Traces of sharpening
  • Scratches on metal parts
  • Signs of corrosion
  • Grease on the weapon
  • Blunt replica
  • Scratches on wood and leather

    Replicas are made from materials of the highest quality: metal, steel, wood and leather. Metal and steel materials are subject to corrosion straight after touching.    The handle is usually from wood which works according to humidity. Leather is surfaced, coloured and is also sensitive to humidity. These materials thus require special care and handling.
    Check visually, clean and preserve your replica after each use (touching including).
·      Use specially intended products to clean your replica. Use a cloth to wipe out the dirt from your replica. Surface oxidation can be easily removed by an abrasive sponge (grain at least 200)
·      When you have thouroughly cleaned your weapon, conserve it with a specially intended product (conserving oil, e.g. spray oil WD40)
·      Even if your replica is not exposed to external influences, clean and conserve it at least four times a year
·      We recommend a cleaning set from ElGur company or contact us for advice
·      Guarantee may be denied if the replica has not been looked after properly or care has been neglected

    The replica may be used only under professional supervision. Keep away from children.
    Our replicas are not to be used inappropriately (cutting into solid materials, plunging into the ground, leverage, hammering, etc.).
    Dispose of the packaging according to the regulations, not as municipal waste.


                               ElGur company would like to thank you and wish you wonderful experiences…


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