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„Are you the same swordmakers like Red Gur?“
Definitely yes! Sorry for troubles, if you had any with "www.sword-gur.com". Swordmaker Red Gur (Jan Motyčka) encountered some big health issues and for that he didn‘t answer and so on. Our apologies; now everything is OK and we are back as ElGur, full of energy and at your service.

„Are the replicas/swords made according to a specific archaeological find?“

Replicas/swords are based on archeological pieces. We are using specialised literature and studying the originals in museums.


„How good are yours replicas/swords for fencing?“

We make functional historical replicas of swords. Replicas/swords are fit for fencing. Our boss of swordsmakers Jan Motyčka is swordsman and He uses his own experiences to make a replicas/swords. We offer testing of our swords to all swordsman. All visitors are sincerely welcome!


„Do you sharp the blades?“


Yes. Standard blades are battleready. We will sharp the blade, if you wish. It cost little fee more. What we do not sharp are blades (swords) of another swordsmen/company or our battleready blades (swords) come from past.

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