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   There is a tang at the bottom part of the blade.
   The crossguard with cut-through hole for the embedding of the blade is put on the tang. It is made always under the pressure thus conjunction with the blade is as firm as possible. On the end of the bottom, the pommel is put on in the same way.
   We rivet the end ofthe tang above the pommel. Both crossguard and pommel hold on the tang very firmly.
   We insert the wood between pommel and crossguard which stretch them. In this way we achieve firm replica construction. See also „hilt".
   Thus the sword replica is assembled.
   Production headmaster Jan "Red Gur" Motyčka´s note: „We don´t recommend welding crossguards and pommels tothe blade and we don´t do it. There is inner tension caused by welding in the welded material, which can lead to the break of the blade in the place of weldor around."

Two-part viking swords pommels

  The viking sword pommels consists usually of two parts, top crossguard and pommel. The first part (top crossguard) is put on the tang. Then we rivet the tang of the viking sword. Then we put on the second part (pommel) on two rivet holding this two pars together, which are riveted.


   We prepare the hilts from the dried wood of high quality. The wood is worked into the hiltshape so it holds as well as possible and meets high standarts. Processed hilt is then wrapped by linen string, which firms and protects wooden core.
   Then the hilt is covered by leather, wrapped by leather strap or wire etc. As you can see on the preserved  swords, paratschwerts... in the museums and publications.


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