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Petersen type Z, Geibig type 4

Reconstruciton of burial found sword : Original collection of grave in Sollerön, Dalarna, Sweden The sword is customized the demands of customer.


Replica Petersen type Z swordsmiths Swordmakery ElGur

- double edged blunt blade
- overall length 97 cm
- blade 80 cm
- blade width 5 cm
- blade thickness 5,7 mm
- CoB 12 cm
- CoP 55 cm
- form wooden handle,
  covered/decorated leather
- weight (blunt) 1,35 kg








Custom´s sword - Sempach type - Oakeshott xvii,1,t

It is based of the sword IX.16. At museum Royal Armouries, Leeds. The Type XVII was designed in an attempt to allow the sword some utility against the increasingly prevalent plate armour of the period.


Custom´s Sempach sword Oakeshott XVII,1,T handiwork Swordmakery ElGur

- ricaso sharp blade
- overall length 131 cm
- blade 101,3 cm
- blade width 4,3 cm
- pommel type T
- CoG 6 cm
- CoP 60 cm
- customized wooden handle

  covered with leather
- weight (sharp) 1,8 kg








German bastard replica - Oakeshott Xx

"One may with it resist many swords, or other weapons"
Giacomo Di Grassi, "His True Art of Defence", year 1594


Replica German Bastard sword hand work professional swordsmiths and scabbard makers Swordmakery ElGur

- blade with 3 fullers
- overall length 132 cm
- blade 95 cm
- blade width 5,5 cm
- blade thickness 8 mm
- pommel in ball shape
- CoG 8 cm
- spiral wooden handle

  covered with leather
- weight (sharp) 1,6 kg





Own and custom´s design - project "raven´s swords" - Art

These swords were created as wedding gift

Story of creation:
After reading both of your life stories that describe the meeting and development of your mutual journey, we decided to create two swords and one scabbard. The swords symbolize each of you. The scabbard connects the two swords, two parts become one unit, and makes a blending of both.


Projekt „Havraní meče“ navrženo profesionálními mečíři


Jan Motyčka (professional swordsmith):


Projekt „Havraní meče“ navrženo profesionálními mečíři

The swords reflect each other. The whole is based on DUALISM (everything has two sides, one can not exist without the other etc.). It leads to wonderful effect if both swords are inserted back to back into the scabbard and they are dancing (spinning).

As everything fits perfectly in partnership, wonderful and unique relationship is created.




contract swords makers

Reportage at Czech radio Ostrava

here (only Czech language):


Reportáž z mečířství ELGur a Český rozlhlas Ostrava


We make only forged swords.


Handiwork forging paratschwert at Swordmakery ElGur


The waiting time is 12 months yet.

we manufacture scabbards / sheats

   with woodcore look here...


Hand made woodcore scabbard strengthen by linen and covered by leather professional scabbards makers Swordmakery ElGur


Transport wooden box 

Sleva meč


   We prepared transport wooden box for your new sword . If you are interest in, get the information to email's order


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last testaments

David R., Czech Republic

   "Sword is simply said FANTASTIC! And I mean..." Read more!


Raffaello U., Italy

   Hypelink custom review YouTube here



Joaquim R., Portugal

   "ElGur team, the sword has arrived to my home. I would like to thank you for all your support and comitment ot this project..." Read more!


Matthew T., Czech Republic

   "Hello. Close to the end of the holidays I received your sword, I ordered. I was so looking forward to it..." Read more!


Paul B., Czech Republic

   "Good day to all, finally after a holiday and after recovering from sunstroke here finally got to training..." Read more!



what our customers like the most

1. Appearance of the sword

   Upon closer inspection you will discover the characteristics of handicraft


2. Custom´s sword

   You get what you chose (appearance, weight, center of balance, the size and length of grip ...)


3. Properties swords in fencing

   We keep making expertise with fencing masters. We reply adapt to the needs of fencers (find us at myArmoury, HEMA, SBG etc ...)


4. Precisely drawn sword

   Blacksmith exactly assembled parts form a solid construction

5. Warranty

   You receive a warranty of two years. We revitalize the whole sword without charge after one year


6. Invitation to forge and workshop ...

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